Sunday, December 9, 2012

Microwave Brown Rice Recipe

I'm not a big rice eater but do enjoy the taste of plain brown rice over white rice and the higher glycemic index is better for diabetics and probably most others as well.

There are lots of microwave brown rice recipes online. I found one and to make really fluffy, dry brown rice, I found modifying the recipe I chose worked really well. My 10 year old microwave may be the issue so if you've tried making brown rice in your microwave and experienced issues, try the recipe below with the modifications I've added.


  1. Wash the rice to remove the starchiness. 

  2. I use an old microwave rice cooker but any safe bowl with a tight fitting lid will do. Ratios of rice to water for brown rice are 1:4 rice to water. For example 1 cup rice | 4 cups water.

  3. Cover and microwave until water boils (10 - 15 minutes depending on microwave).

  4. CAREFULLY remove cover (steam does burn).

  5. Microwave uncovered 20-30 minutes or until most of water is absorbed.

  6. Leave rice, uncovered, in the microwave overnight (or at least 8 hours). The rest of the water will be absorbed by the rice.

  7. Fluff with fork and serve or use in other recipes.
 Let me know how this works for you and if you make modifications, please share by commenting. Have a terrific holiday season!