Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Cross Stitch Patterns for Pillow Covers

I just finished the first two cross stitch patterns for 14" and 16" square pillow covers. Included with the cross stitch chart is a detailed instructional sheet on how to complete the pillow cover once cross stitching is done. Here are photos of both new items. Surgery on my left hand and elbow is tomorrow so I will not be posting for a few weeks. I hope you like these :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SHARING: A New Book Written By A Dear Online Friend

I have been honored to be a member of a group of wonderful people who have become family in so many ways over the past few years. Several of us have met face-to-face. We've weathered great times and tough times encouraging one another to not only press on but to victoriously overcome. One of our moderators is a wonderful writer and has published a mystery available by ebook. Here is the description in his own words:

Some stories just seem to tell themselves…

When Eddie Gideon, a midwest private investigator woke up to find the police standing over him, he wasn’t surprized. But the dead woman in bed next to him was another matter. Now Eddie must somehow clear his name, wrestle with the loss of the woman he loved and catch a killer before he can ever sleep sound again.

One For The Money: An Eddie Gideon Mystery is a gripping tale written by James Moorer.

Available now as an Ebook at www.jamesmoorer.com.

Will you solve the crime before you lay back down to sleep?


To read more and/or purchase the ebook ($10 through PayPal), visit JamesMoorer.com today.

Diane <3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Video on Using Digital Stamps

While these videos refer to the My Grafico website and tools, they also apply to any digital stamp you might purchase from an independent designer of digistamps or digital stamps with a shop at Etsy or eCrater.

I hope you enjoy these videos and that they help get your creative juices flowing.

Hugs and blessings,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How To Use Digital Stamps

I received a question from a "soon to be" customer the other day asking how digital stamps can be used. I responded to the question with what little I know about the various uses and added that I intend to research and prepare some detailed tutorials for this blog to share with you but that it would take some time to begin and complete each.

With surgery on my hands beginning August 26th (starting with my left and, yes, I'm a southpaw) and then the right side sometime around 6 weeks after the first surgery if healing goes well, I will be doing more reading and research on this during the next 3 or so months and begin to write individual tutorials on each use I discover after all is healed and my doctor gives me clearance.

Meanwhile, since Google is our friend, I spent a few hours researching, reading and compiling some links that I think will help anyone who wants to explore the various creative outlets and uses for digital stamps.

I hope you enjoy these and if you know of others that are easy to understand and follow as well as complete, please share them here with me and others by leaving a comment. I will check them out and comment back.

There are lots more instructional and tutorial type websites out there but these are the ones I read and/or watched and found to be easy to follow and understand.

Have a great weekend! Blessings and peace to you,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making A Butcher Paper Stencil Tutorial -- Great Use for Chinese Symbols/Kanji and other Digital Stamps

I was browsing the web earlier this morning ... yep tooo early but I had a spinal injection yesterday and while I'm not in the pain I was I am uncomfortable and now dealing with the little and weird things steroids do to our body. Anyway, I've gotten off my subject (smile).

While Googling, I found this really terrific idea and "how to" on making stencils from butcher block paper. The sample used in this tutorial is an ampersand on a pencil skirt. Very unique and interesting and cool idea I thought.

Butcher paper is inexpensive as are my digital stamps and other sellers as well that are listed on Etsy. There is a tremendous amount of variety and you will probably find exactly the graphic to use to stencil and applique on one of your handmade or store-bought garments to embellish and update the look.

Viewing this tutorial got my brain daydreaming of all the items this particular idea can be instrumental in creating. Appliques on kitchen or bath towels to monogram or add to an Eastern theme, sweat or sweater sets with complimentary or continuing designs, and on and on.... I can't wait until my hands are in good enough shape again to experiment more with these ideas! I had to share this so I can come back and get the creative juices flowing again in a couple of months!

Thank you to Malissa, OCD Overtly Crafty Designer, Diva, Damsel, etc... for sharing this at BurdaStyle, the Burda Pattern Company blog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Store on eCrater

I just opened a new store on eCrater. It's free to set up and list and easy to use. I still have my Etsy shop and will continue to sell from both shops. eCrater doesn't limit Google Base entries to 100 as the interface with Etsy does and offers Google Checkout which adds value to already accepting PayPal and other forms of payment. Here is a preview:

I hope you'll visit soon :) Meanwhile, I'm also looking at CafePress and a few others to upload my designs to be used on clothing, cups, hats and the like but that will take some time.

Have a great week. Spinal injection later today and then surgery in a week so I won't be typing much for the foreseeable month or two or three...we will see how all heals.


Friday, August 7, 2009

A Gift From Afar

I recently received this wonderful kiondo bag handmade in Kenya by a member of the Kikuyu tribe as a gift from the man in my life. It is a beautifully crafted piece which was woven and put together completely by hand in sisal and leather. The photos I include don't do it justice. I am honored to be the recipient and in love with the bright red and turquoise with the offset natural and black colors. In Swahili, the name is chondo. I wonder how much we miss of truly unique and beautiful crafts available from artisans working somewhere in the continent of Africa because of the lack of free availability of technology and education on how to use it ...

Continued Peace & Blessings,
Diane <3