Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharing -- Article about Social Networking & How It Can Help Your Small Business

I'm still pretty much out of commission for now. I can't sit for long enough periods of time to write a decent length blog without too much pain. I had an MRI earlier this week and the results are lumbar disc degenerative disease and arthritis. My doctor is referring me to a spine specialist. Thank goodness for successful children. My son is setting up a wireless network for me and bringing me a laptop. Once I figure out if I can type and lay down at the same time, I will get back to regular blogging .

While reading I found this article in Costco Connection about social networking sites and how to use them for marketing during these tough economic times. I use Twitter and am planning setting up a FaceBook fan page. While this article is not an "in depth" study, it does discuss a lot of sites I have yet to explore. I hope you find something here of value to help you keep your business not only afloat, but successful, until the tides once again turn.

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