Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Affiliation -- Beautiful & Unique Photographic Blank Greeting Cards

I'm still not working at my day job and waiting to see a spine specialist for consultation and evaluation. I know what my MRI showed and things don't look good for me working at a desk for long periods of time again. So this is being put together a few minutes at a time. One has to keep busy either mentally or physically to stay calm and in the present -- at least that's what I have to do .

In speaking with my dear friend and mentor, Darla Woodworth, the other day, we began talking about her camera and computer work and the beautiful and unique greeting cards she created a few years ago. I've been honored to receive a set as a thank you in the past and am too selfish to send any of them to someone else. Darla used to have a website of her own but demands of work and life in general took their toll, as they often do for all
of us and she eventually pulled the site.

I asked her if she had any of the greeting cards left. She laughed and said "scads!" So I asked her about allowing me to list them in my Etsy shop and share them with others. We discussed it a bit and came to an agreement and ... ta da!!! ... today I've listed the four different sets she offers, shipping included in the price!

So, in the spirit of self-promotion, I hope you will go take a look and let me know what you think (by a comment here, a convo on Etsy or an email to me at dpeagreendesigns at gmail dot com). As well, if you can't resist or immediately think of someone who would love a set, either point them here or maybe it's time to buy a gift .

I Tweeted last week about free software with a link to how to use it to watermark photos and graphics before uploading. The online guide I found is missing some of the steps and I am still working on creating one of my own to share. I'm also having to take my time with this but I haven't forgotten it and will have it posted soon.

Thanks for visiting and reading. If you're praying person, please put me on your list. I need all the strength, patience and peace I can glean about now. Have a great Tuesday!

Much love,