Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liam Sitting Up On His Own

Only a grandma can think this newsworthy -- and I do!! At 5 months old, my adorable grandbaby is sitting up on his own. Here is a photo of the first time complements of his terrific mommy!


They grow too fast!! 
Have a terrific Tuesday!



Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Hi! What a cutie! You won't believe it when he gets taller than you. My youngest just passed me up!

I missed your comment a couple weeks ago! Sorry!


DPeaGreenDesigns said...

Awe thanks, Kim. Don't worry about missing my comment! I've been mostly incommunicado lately anyway. Just going back to my job after being off work for over 7 months and 3 surgeries...overwhelming at times to keep up with anything :)

He is a doll baby and I hope to see the day is taller than his Nana .

Have a great week!