Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making A Butcher Paper Stencil Tutorial -- Great Use for Chinese Symbols/Kanji and other Digital Stamps

I was browsing the web earlier this morning ... yep tooo early but I had a spinal injection yesterday and while I'm not in the pain I was I am uncomfortable and now dealing with the little and weird things steroids do to our body. Anyway, I've gotten off my subject (smile).

While Googling, I found this really terrific idea and "how to" on making stencils from butcher block paper. The sample used in this tutorial is an ampersand on a pencil skirt. Very unique and interesting and cool idea I thought.

Butcher paper is inexpensive as are my digital stamps and other sellers as well that are listed on Etsy. There is a tremendous amount of variety and you will probably find exactly the graphic to use to stencil and applique on one of your handmade or store-bought garments to embellish and update the look.

Viewing this tutorial got my brain daydreaming of all the items this particular idea can be instrumental in creating. Appliques on kitchen or bath towels to monogram or add to an Eastern theme, sweat or sweater sets with complimentary or continuing designs, and on and on.... I can't wait until my hands are in good enough shape again to experiment more with these ideas! I had to share this so I can come back and get the creative juices flowing again in a couple of months!

Thank you to Malissa, OCD Overtly Crafty Designer, Diva, Damsel, etc... for sharing this at BurdaStyle, the Burda Pattern Company blog.