Monday, October 19, 2009

Wowza!!! A New Tool for Etsy Sellers

I am a member of Team EtsyRain and was reading our member forum this morning (I don't read as often as I should) and read a posting by Laurie-LoudLife who is sharing a new tool she has created for other Etsians. It's called Tools for the Etsy Community - cre8tivity. Check this site out!! It is easy to use. Just type in your Etsy name and besides a beautiful interface for your stats and hearts, there are some wonderful, new helpers and widgets available.

Available under the Widgets tab right now is a Scrolling Side Bar Widget which can be added to your website, blog, anywhere you can add a custom widget. Mine looks like this:

I didn't have to type anything. The script is read to copy and paste. Not seen on my example is the widget's movement -- it moves through the items you have available in your shop, showing each for approximately 5 seconds before moving on to the next item. Very cool and professional look!

Coming soon are a Multi Product Scrolling Sidebar Ad and customizable widgets.

Under the Helper tab, there are currently three helpful ways to promote your shop and keep track of your inventory.  Product Flyer only needs you to select the product from your Etsy shop (via a dropdown menu) to be included in your flyer and click on the arrow button. A pdf file in full color is then created.

There is also the Multi Product Flyer which contains 4 of your products, selected the same way, and an Inventory Helper which will download all your currently listed items into a *.csv file which will open using most spreadsheet programs.

To learn more about Laurie, visit her blog, Living Out Loud. Thank you, Laurie! Without people like you willing to share your programming skills, life as an Etsy seller would be much more challenging!


P.S. After corresponding with Laurie, I found that  the programmer for this wonderful tool is tronaHUE. I apologize for this mistake :)



Loudlife said...

You are so sweet to give me a shout-out for that site! Unfortunately, I was just passing on my discovery of someone else's site. I would love to give credit to the wonderful author, but I don't know who they are. A very generous soul, I imagine.

DPeaGreen Designs said...

Thanks, Laurie. If you find out who, please let me know so I can give credit to the author :)