Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Muslin Angel Ornaments -- An Inexpensive Way to Trim Your Tree -- Free Tutorial


   1. Tear strips of muslin into pieces approximately 9" by 6". This doesn't have to be exact. The 6" (or so) measurement will be the height of your angel. You can use scissors but the finished angel looks better (in my humble opinion) if the fabric is torn.

   2. Taking the right and left corners of one 9" side, tie a knot in each of these two corners. This creates the arms of your angel as well as a pocket to make the head.

   3. Using a cottonball and some sewing thread or string, center the cotton ball in the fabric pocket between the two knots, pulling the fabric over the cottonball and then tying by wrapping the string around the base of the fabric stuffed with the cottonball to make the head and neck area.

   4. Using one of the 1/8 or 1/4 inch ribbon, tie a piece around your angel's neck and make a bow.

   5. Cut a piece of wide wired ribbon about 3 inches long and using your glue gun, affix it to the back of your angel for wings. I usually have some of that gold metallic open weave type wired ribbon on hand and I like it the best because I can stretch it out after gluing to form more lifelike wings, but do your own thing.

   6. For the halo, I use gold or copper colored small garland, the one that is wired and has stars attached, but any wire will do. Cut a small piece proportionate with the angel's head, wrap it around your finger to make a circle. Place glue on the part where your wire meets to form the circle and hold for a second or two to the top back of the angel's head.

   7. Your angel is complete! The only thing left to decide is how you want to use her. I've glued gold ribbon on her back looped to make a hanger, a pin fixing, and a piece of that magnet tape you can buy at an office supply or crafts store, but I'm sure there are other ways to use this cute symbol of peace and promise.

   8. An additional note: before you start tearing apart your muslin, it can be washed, dyed to a different color with either a commercial or tea dye.


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Sooo pretty!

I just wanted to let you know that you won the apron pattern on Everything Etsy. Please email me with your info. Thanks so much!!!


DPeaGreen Designs said...

Wow!! Thank you, Kim! How exciting. I will email you my details :) What a nice surprise for a challenging week.