Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is NEW Wednesday?

I found a new blog dedicated to Etsy sellers and products today and wondered how many more there are out there. Since Google is our friend, I decided to search "@etsy" to see what I could find. The blog that piqued my interest and curiosity is Eyes on Etsy. Each day Cameron features various products on Etsy according to theme, much like a Treasury (if you're familiar  -- if not, visit Etsy at the link above and select the "Treasury" link at the lower left hand part of the page).

Now to the "googly" results :)

Not so new but interesting and fun for those who are planning a unique, distinctive wedding or just love to browse and enjoy all the aspects of a well put together, non-kitschy celebration of commitment, Etsy Wedding, has taken the time to select some of the best of the real, funny and brazen pieces parts to make your or someone else's wedding as original as it should be.

Etsy-Love is another nice looking blog with the writer's favorites featured. Posts are indexed by subject matter so it is easy to find exactly those type of items you want to view. Contact is made easy with a fill in form.

Vegan Etsy features those items which fit the strict guidelines vegans look for when shopping. The blog is colorful and full of information to educate us non-vegans. The writers are all members of Team Etsy Vegan.

There are a lot of blogs dedicated to Etsy following one subject or another. I will feature a few more next Wednesday. If you visit any of these writers, please leave a comment letting them know you've visited and what you like best as well and, if you don't mind, let them know where you found the link to their blog.

Tomorrow I will begin a weekly sharing of some of my vintage which I love and maybe some vintage finds from Etsy and eCrater. Until then, have a great evening and sleep well.

Blessings & More,
Diane xoxoxo
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Cameron said...

Thanks again, Diane! I enjoyed checking out the other blogs you featured as well!

DPeaGreen Designs | Diane Green said...

You're very welcome, Cameron :). Thanks for taking a look. There are so many interesting blogs about Etsy products & sellers, I think I will retire before I get to write about the majority of them. Good luck with your blog as well!