Friday, April 24, 2009

DPeaGreenDesigns -- My Cross-Stitch Patterns

The majority of patterns in my Etsy Shop are cross-stitch designs of Chinese symbols/Kanji words with and without borders like these pictured here:

These Chinese symbols are the basis for many of modern-day Japanese Kanji. We see them as tattoos, used in sumi and watercolor paintings, and more and more are being used in various medium as modern day art.

As simple as the designs of each, there does seem to be a mystery about each that is exciting to explore. What drew me to these to use in cross-stitch is just that -- the simplicity and the mystery.

Very popular as body art for those who are younger than me, the boomer, I was thinking how so many of our creative arts are being adopted by the younger, up and coming generation. Some were taught like I was -- at my grandmother's and mother's knees from about age 5 (to keep me distracted and out of their hair!) -- but so many young women and men (remember Rosey Grier and his needlepoint? Google him, if not...) have developed an interest in crafting and want to teach themselves.

Since I share an interest in these wonderful symbols and their meanings, as well as have cross-stitched for years, I thought what a wonderful way to bring something elegant but easy for a beginner and yet interesting enough for the experienced cross-stitch aficionado to market. It took me awhile to develop a quality pattern and include "how to" instructions that will help any beginner, yet also be a refresher for a stitcher coming back to the art after a hiatus. I believe I've accomplished this with the added benefit of being able to instantly deliver a pattern by email in "pdf" format small enough be received without fuss.