Thursday, April 23, 2009

Etsy Shops I Adore -- Check Them Out!!

One of my favorite things to do as an Etsy member is to cruise the forums, find an active thread and begin at the beginning reading every post to see what others have to say and what is working for other sellers. Over the weekend, I found a great thread that was started by Timothy Adams of Timothy Adams Design about tips and suggestions for networking and exposure.

While reading, I found two shops that contained items that widened my smile to a grin of pure delight!

Flying Buttons which is chock full of amazing and fun handmade buttons turned into wonderful hair accessories, jewelry and other items.

My favorite is "The Owl Nerds and their Dysfunctional Boss-Giant Paperclip/Bookmark Organizers-Fabric Covered Buttons". These paperclip/bookmarks are just perfect for co-workers or fellow bookworms! At $5.50 for the set of 4, who wouldn't want at least one set? The difficult part would be to figure out which to keep and which to gift to another!!

UglyBaby is another current favorite shop. Her specialty is shower art and there are several pieces I have marked to purchase one day soon.

The favorite right now is "Shower Art - Wild About Him". From the description of what exactly shower art is -- "shower art is waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else." The price is $18.00 which is more than fair for a piece of what is truly "art" that can decorate the inside of your shower, the front of your fridge or have a place of honor in your cubie at work.

I hope you enjoy these and will share some of your favorites with me. I love seeing all the new shops, artist and entrepreneurs and what each is so talented at creating!

Have a great Thursday!


Rosalie said...

Awwwhhh...glad you're likin' the Shower Arts!