Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Tip Tuesday -- Can I Schedule My Blog Post For Later?

Yes! I was wondering the same thing about Blogger when I received a newsletter sharing news about a new scheduler to publish blogs at a specific time/day. I searched Blogger Help and didn't find anything. It doesn't mean there isn't help though. In the Help Forum, I found exactly that!

I'm a newbie at disciplining myself to keep up with one blog and post every day (well, except for Saturday, my break day). The idea of keeping up with more than one is a bit daunting for me at this point .

For those who have more than one blog, I will share the information about new PostLater farther down this article.

If, like me, you are using Blogger, here is how t
o schedule your post to publish at a later date and/or time:

Create a New Post. Once the page opens, look fo
r the "Post Options" link:

A box opens which show Options. Change the date and/or time in the fill-in boxes on the lower right:

That's all it takes!

NOTE: remember to change the date and time you want to publish before you begin typing the new blog. Changing it later won't stop Blogger from publishing it as soon as you click on the "Publish" button if you change it after entering text. The blog will still publish at your scheduled time as well. In other words, if you use TwitterFeed or one of the other services to feed Twitter and other micro-blogs, you may publish notice of the new blog entry two times -- once when you first click "Publish" and once again when it has been scheduled. This may not be a bad thing if, like me, you don't update more than a few items or times during a day.

If you publish more than one blog and do several updates each day to one or more of them, the new PostLater service looks like it might be a one stop shop to schedule all postings from one location. It not only supports all the major blogging platforms but also supports micro-blogging sites like Twitter.

For those of us who often post several new items from our various shops at one time, instead of inundating our followers with everything at once, wouldn't it be nice to send notices at pre-scheduled times throughout the day?