Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Miscellany -- Update & Pix of My GrandBaby

He is just about 6 weeks old and a handsome boy (I'm not partial or anything...) so I thought I would share a couple of photos with you:

This sure looks like a smile!

My DIL's kitty seems to want to have a diaper change too!!

Luv dem sweet feets!!!

Last week, a DVD I reserved arrived at my library. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Season 1, is very enjoyable. It is a series on HBO starring Jill Scott (the poet, singer -- love both and own books and CDs) and is located in Botswana, a small country in the southern part of Africa. If you have not viewed this series, I recommend it.

With the economy still struggling to recover, if you don't already use your local library facilities to check out books, music, videos, etc., I also suggest you check into it. A library card is still free as are the checkouts -- the very best value that I know of for quality entertainment. Many may already know but if you live outside of a city and can only check out in a county or parish library, check other close community libraries and the availability of a library card free from them also. Many local libraries have reciprocal agreements between them. For example, I live in Pierce County and have a card for this system here but I also have a free card from the King County library system which allows me to check out material at any of their libraries as well.

That way if I find something of interest not available here, I can search it, reserve it and check it out from the neighboring system. Hope this helps someone save some money and still have an almost unlimited entertainment budget for movies, music, television shows and reading.

Hope this note finds you having a marvelous Monday!

Diane xoxoxo
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