Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage on Thursday -- My Grandmother's Jewelry

These aren't precious, in stones anyway, but certainly are to me. Among my most kitschy items from my maternal grandmother over the years are two sets of the same beaded earrings: one in hot pink and the other in hot aqua. Both are clip on and still have the original backing. Even though these were most probably bought sometime in the late 50s, I thought they were very cool in the late 60s and wore them with my self-made shift of many colors a la Twiggy.

Then there were pins! Oh yes, what was a sweater without a pin on the lapel?? For some, the glitzier the better!

Even though this pin was a bit glitzy, it also has cream or vanilla enamel and a goldtone tree. I'm surprised that I didn't wear the gold off but then plating used to be plating and today it's like new.

Last, but truly one of my favorites -- so much so, I rarely wear it. I enjoy taking it out and looking at it. I should most probably put this in a small shadow box, but I enjoy touching it too much. That's the tactile me....

Yes, it's a pin that becomes earrings in total pave crystals. My pictures do not do these pieces justice but I hope you can see and appreciate their beauty if you're a vintage lover.

More tomorrow,

Diane  xoxoxo
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