Monday, May 11, 2009

Converting to PDF -- Freeware

When I started to develop my ideas from imagination to screen, one of the issues I needed to solve was how to deliver the final product in a way that is fast, easy, doesn't detract from quality and free. I couldn't afford to invest in Adobe software. I found several freeware products and tried them each.

My favorite -- Primo PDF. It downloads as a printer driver so that you can select to print a pdf from any program you access your regular printer. There are no ads, other than a static one for the paid version called Nitro. This doesn't slow down the process as it does with other freeware I tested.

The pdf files created can be optimized for screen, print, e-book or pre-press. The author can also decide whether others can copy and/or edit, as well as print and the quality of the print, and password protect the new pdf file. There is a very nice user manual available for viewing online. It is also downloadable as a pdf file.

New pages can be appended to an already existing pdf document so if you are creating pieces of the document from various software, it is easy to create one pdf file from various sources.

Pdf files can be set to conform to either Adobe 1.4 or 1.5 specifications. The downside is that this freeware is only available for Windows computers at this time. However, PrimoOnline, is also available which allows conversion to a pdf file online which is then sent to you by email -- all for free!