Monday, May 18, 2009

I Want to Learn to Cross-Stitch -- How Do I Get Started?

I've been cross-stitching and doing other needlework since I was a young girl and sometimes forget not everyone had the opportunity to learn as I did from the elder women who wanted to pass down their knowledge so took the time and had the patience to teach me and my sisters. Cross-stitch is one of the easiest needlework crafts to learn and yet can be just complicated enough to be frustrating for a beginner.

Having the internet is a great tool when there is not a person to teach or a class available within our means or scheduled for a time we can attend.

The Yarn Tree has excellent "Learn How to Cross-Stitch" instructions which includes a simple pattern to use.

They also have a terrific video which will help those of us who learn by seeing:

Have a great Monday! Tomorrow I will share some "learning to quilt" information for you.