Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Crazy Quilt Block Pattern For You -- Free

Yesterday I shared some books about crazy quilting. Last night, I designed a basic foundation piecing crazy quilt block to help you get started.

Happy Tuesday! It's been storming and the wind has been blowing all night but I slept well and am looking forward to a busy day at work as well as one of accomplishment. As a dear work friend of mine often says: "Another day to reach for excellence at our chosen profession." I chuckle when I say this to myself. When said by my friend, it was an acerbic statement -- even still, this friend, as well as I and my many co-workers strive to do just that each day.

I drew the quilt block in Electric Quilt 5 ("EQ5") using EasyDraw, so if you have any version of this wonderful software, try drawing one yourself. Remember to keep the lines few and simple. The intricacy of a crazy quilt is in the combination of fabrics, prints, laces, buttons and other accoutrement.