Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learning Opportunity for My Fellow Etsians!!!

If you have an Etsy shop and want to expand, learn some fantastic networking tools which will increase traffic to you and your handmade items and eventually bring more sales and haven't heard of Timothy Adams, please let me introduce you to this amazing entrepreneur. What I like about this young man is his willingness and desire to share with others what he has learned while building his Etsy business and other artistic endeavors. I'm a big believer is the "reap and sow" of life -- in other words, "what goes around, comes around..."

I won't tell you Tim's story but let his new video introduction do that. There's nothing like hearing it straight from the source !

A free 5-day introductory course was offered and is still available (see below the video and introductory text for the links to each). I recommend it highly to any Etsian who is wanting to learn more how to do business and sell their handmade art/crafts/items to an expanding client base.

I received all 5 days, read each, tagged and highlighted more helpful tips than I have been able to get to in the past 10 days. Of those I've been able to implement, the results are amazing! Here are images from Google Analytics showing how my shop compares during this time period versus other shops about the same size, etc.:

I have much more to work on and have had to take a few days off to attend a training for my day job. It will be interesting to look at my figures over the weekend after almost a week of not networking -- it's all a learning curve.

While I can't prove it unequivocally, when I first began using Timothy's tips in his 5-day course, I had sold 15 items. As of today, the sales have increased to 30 items. That was an unexpected happy surprise!

My plan was to work my business and develop it so that when I retire from state service, I can still work at something I have passion for and enjoy. That is still my plan but I can see the time line may move up drastically using what I learned in 5 short days.

Have a great Wednesday! I have an 8-minute training presentation to give today to 18 people, most of whom I do not know. Excited and nervous but also looking forward to getting it done ... and getting it over :)