Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunbonnet Sam -- From the Past to the Present

I shared the news recently about my first grandchild. Yesterday I shared an ultrasound photo of his perfect feet.

Today I share the quilt I am finishing for him. My maternal grandmother, Lucy Moore, began this quilt sometime in the 1950s when my mother was pregnant with one of us. Alas, we all turned out to be girls so my mother took the blocks made by my grandmother and pieced them together but never finished it.

She made a quilt from clothing of my childhood for my son. She had saved some of my dresses and coats I had outgrown and put them in a hope chest. When I got pregnant, she took her favorites I had worn as a baby and toddler and created a crazy quilt for my son. He still has that little quilt.

She gave me this quilt over a decade ago to finish one day and I put it away. I had almost forgotten about it until my son and daughter-in-law shared their wonderful news a few months ago.

I am working on some quilting templates for the squares and will machine quilt all but one square which I've asked the new mommy to complete. Then I will bind it and add a custom label which I'm designing which will document the four generations of loving hands which created this "masterpiece". I will share a photo of the finished quilt and label once it is completed.

Have a terrific Thursday! Off to work on my latest quilt block designs of a butterfly and a dragonfly :) and then off to work I go...