Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning :)

...a song which reminds me to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the quiet moments life offers so early in the morning.

Happy Sunday! In one week we celebrate a formal Mother's Day. At the moment, I have no plans. Don't think, "poor thing" for a minute! Every day is Mother's Day for me. I'm blessed to not only have a son who loves me and is devoted to my well being but several step-children, nephews and others not related by blood or marriage who care for me and show it in an individual way. It is a blessing to have so many children of mine "conceived and birthed by another mother" consider me a friend and confidante.

It is because of these many relationships that I got the idea to design cross-stitch patterns using Chinese symbols/Kanji as the subject. I looked around at all the these young adults I know, as well as observing others while taking walks on Ruston Way and the mall. I noticed a lot of tattoos with symbols that only to the wearer had meaning. After seeing so many, I thought what a wonderful way to bring an "old school" craft to a new generation in a way that would interest as well as bring enjoyment to them and resurrect a fun and easy type of needlework.

So far, many of my cross-stitch patterns have been purchased by young adults but what I also find terrific is that their mothers, dads, grandmothers and others who love them are finding my patterns and purchasing them to make handcrafted items for their own children and grandchildren.

It took about 4 months of intensive work to figure out how to convert English words to these symbols and to then make simple but elegant patterns from them. During this time there was a lot of stop, start, back up, move forward -- at times exhilarating and others frustrating. Then, it took about the same amount of time to figure out how to deliver a quality pattern in an affordable manner and deliver it without fuss or wait.

This has been and continues to be a wonderful journey for me. I am learning each day something new or how to work a different way!

Next Sunday, I will share links to some of the tools I use -- many you may already have installed on your computer. Until then, more site and book suggestions or free patterns will be coming your way each day.

I hope your weekend is going well and that you are loved!