Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twisted Thoughts -- My NEW Cross-Stitch Pattern Series

The same simple but elegant Chinese symbols/Kanji as my other patterns but represents what I call "Twisted Thoughts". If you don't tell, no one will know -- well, except for someone proficient with the Chinese language!

Whether you've had a bad breakup or want to send a subtle message to another, I hope this series brings a smile to your face and chuckle to the back of your throat :)

All patterns are in 5 colors or less. Excellent for the beginner or anyone who may enjoy representations and symbols from Eastern culture. Can be matted and framed for the wall or desk or used in another project.

The first 5 patterns have been uploaded to my Etsy shop, DPeaGreenDesigns. I hope you enjoy them and will tell a friend!