Thursday, May 7, 2009

Etsy Shops I Adore -- More of My Favorites

There are so many unique and imaginative artisans showing their creations on Etsy. Today I include three more of my favorites, each offering varied selections. I hope you visit each and find something you just can't resist!

Bear Creek Creations (bearcreekcreations) offers customized shirts. Each has a different quilt block design. They are beautiful and meticulously made. The quilt pieces are set into the inside of the shirt and then the front is cut away to reveal the pattern -- almost like cut work! The result is a shirt with dimension. Prices start at $24 -- very reasonable for a one-of-a-kind custom shirt!

Hiphazard is a new shop (since 1/09) to Etsy and also sells shirts but none are a shirt you're going to find in a local store. I will warn you if you are easily offended, it is probably best to pass, but if you have a wonderfully twisted, irreverent sense of humor, you will find shirts with art that will make you chuckle and may find you have to click that purchase button! The cost is $15.60 for each shirt. I hope check out this new find!

Sekhments Treasures offers handcrafted jewelry. As well, they will do custom work taking your vintage and old pieces and make something new and unique just for you. My favorite section is the "10 and Under Free Ship" section. The offerings include earrings, both pierced and clip style, necklaces, all are as the section title implies -- $10 or less and no cost to ship!

I am working on a new series of cross-stitch patterns for my shop as we speak -- the same elegant Chinese Symbols and Kanji but with a twist as well. More on this later.

Happy Thursday everyone! Tomorrow I get to see my new grandbaby on the ultrasound! My son and daughter-in-law have invited the new grandparents to join them at this appointment. We may find out whether we will have a boy or girl but the really exciting news is that the tests to check for genetic problems and birth defects have all come back and I am going to be the grandmother of a healthy baby! What a blessing!!