Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tips -- Software to Create Your Own Cross-Stitch Patterns

When I first started to design, I found a free program which is still available and being updated by its author on a fairly regular basis. KG-Chart for Cross-Stitch is easy to use and the newest version (1.09.06) was introduced on March 29, 2009. The downside is you will need to be adventurous because there is presently no instruction manual available in English. It is in the process of being translated. The author does have a new blog and there is a new forum to share information and ask questions of other users. If you've been designing your patterns by hand using graph paper and pencil, try this software out. It won't cost anything and you might find it a great alternative.

When I could afford to spend a bit, I purchased PC-Stitch. It is normally around $80 but I joined PatternsOnline (which is free) and found a coupon which reduced the price by $20! There are instructions included but some are general in nature and assume one is not only computer savvy but also can read "between the lines". The way to do most edits and changes is much simpler though than most of us originally think. I have the habit of making things more complicated than necessary at times! There is customer help, including an extensive forum. There are two versions: PC Stitch Pro and PC Stitch Standard, which is $39.95 to purchase. Free evaluation downloads are available for both so that you can try it out before purchasing.

I like both of these and use them to make patterns from my designs. If you want to make patterns for your own use and/or to sell, I hope you will try one or both and share your experience on both the product's forum and here for others to benefit from your experience.

Good Wednesday everyone!