Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teach Yourself to QUILT -- Lessons from the Worldwide Web

Quilting used to be learned at the knee of mom or grandma. Today, there are lots of fabric and quilt shops which offer lessons. There are books and more books -- and there is the internet. Whatever way you learn best, there is a way to learn how to quilt.

If seeing and listening is the way you learn, here are some links to free video on various quilting subjects:
A ton of lessons in print are available. These are the some of the best organized I've found:
If you want to learn in a group environment, there are all sorts of quilting groups to join. Check out:
Have a terrific Tuesday! We have a few days of warmth and sun and today the air will get a rinsing that will help calm down the pollen. I have a back strain so I'm off to work through some exercises and see if I can make it into my day job :) More tomorrow ...